1. Rental basis is per Apt property.
  2. Rental rates and fees quoted in US dollars.
  3. Credit cards and PayPal payments accepted through PayPal only.
  4. All payments are due 30 days before check in, if you are booking with more than 30 days in advance payment will be divided in two payments, one payment on booking and the other 30 days prior to check in.
  5. You can cancel and be entitle to a complete refund if you notify 30 days prior to check in.
  6. No refunds are due to emergencies or change of plans.
  7. No reservations should be assumed until the payment is made and terms are accepted. 
  8. Minimum age of 21 years or older required to reserve.
  9. Once a reserve has been placed please click on the Guest Guide to find out valuable information before your arrival.

Check-In Instructions

  1. Check-In time is at 4:00pm local.
  2. If you have a GPS destination address it is called playa Azul in Luquillo, Puerto Rico.
  3. The apartment use permit will be at the gate, let the guard know your name. He will register your car, place a provisional parking permit on the front window and deliver the apartment use permit for your signature. You need to take this permit to the building guard at the lobby.
  4. The first two numbers of the apartment is the floor number, for example 1707 is on the 17th floor.

Check-out Instructions

  1. Check-Out time for the apartment is no later than 11:00am local.
  2. Please leave everything clean except for the laundry.
  3. Leave the dirty laundry in a bag.
  4. Leave the keys on the table inside the apartment. Close the doors but do not lock it. I will pass by and verify the condition of the apartment during the day.
  5. The $100 security deposit will be returned no later than the day after your check-Out.